Urge Interactive CoolSculpting® Rewards Program Preferred CoolSculpting Marketing Partner

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Urge Interactive is your full-service Preferred CoolSculpting Marketing Partner to elevate your practice, drive targeted leads and convert CoolSculpting® Elite/CoolTone® interest into new patients.

CoolSculpting® Rewards Program Preferred CoolSculpting Marketing Partner


YOUR Preferred CoolSculpting Marketing Partner

Urge Interactive?

With over 18 years of experience in industry, we're uniquely positioned to drive real, measurable results to amplify your practice. We provide an unparalleled understanding of your industry, and employ a team of marketing experts to strategize, develop, create, execute and deliver world-class services.

As your Preferred CoolSculpting Marketing Partner, we will not only drive leads, but assist your team into converting them with our Lead Management software. In addition, as a full-service agency, we're here for you with solutions to any marketing challenge your practice may face.

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CoolSculpting® Rewards Program

Preferred Partner Marketing Services

Urge Interactive can provide expert assistance in managing all Co-op marketing services below:

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Google + Facebook + Instagram

Digital Advertising

Our multi-disciplinary team of talented graphic designers, highly skilled copywriters and experienced paid media specialists work in tandem to create messaging that drives CoolSculpting® and CoolTone® leads to your practice.

To ensure those leads are maximized, we also provide our clients with a phone performance and lead management platform as an all-in-one solution for monitoring, optimizing and incentivizing what happens on the phone. In addition, we offer robust metrics to asses marketing efforts to make informed decisions on strategy and budget allocation.

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Elevate Your Practice

We also offer comprehensive marketing and advertising services beyond the CoolSculpting® Rewards Program. Explore just a few below!

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What Our Clients Say

“Website and digital marketing by URGE. Game changer. These guys know the industry like no other and put that knowledge to use in ways that WILL make a difference. No smoke and mirrors. URGE is the real deal. Use them. You can’t afford not to.”

Pamela Mondorf

Refine Medical

“I want to thank the Urge Interactive team for all of their help and support getting Lifted off the ground. It has been an amazing few months. I receive compliment after compliment on the site and social media.”

Beth Colombo

Lifted Beauty + Wellness

“I cannot say enough positive things about the Urge Interactive team. I have searched for years for someone to capture my vision. This team nailed it. If you know me and have been to the practice…you will know they nailed it.”

Tara Delle Chiaie

Delle Chiaie Cosmetic Medicine

“I love the work you guys do; thanks so much!”

Dr. John Jeffery